At the end of 2015, Frank & Mimi installed a permanent artwork investigating three core identifiers of this prominent Brisbane icon - experience, locality and perspective.


Firstly investigating the sensory phenomenon synaesthesia - in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway - we illustrated the words ‘Look’ and ‘Listen’ with overlayed binary words ‘See’ and ‘Hear’.


We also described the tangibility of locality through the use of topography. Expressed visually, this distinct linework can also be used to explain elevation, electricity, cymatics, sound vibration, networks and more. So with the rich history of the space in mind, we wanted to formulate letters that emanated their own energy, and cause viewers to experience the words simultaneously.


Finally, perspective was paramount. When you’re telling a story – whether through a painting or performance – you’re showcasing a personal perspective. This became a driving design force for these works considering the vast collective perspectives that are expressed at the Brisbane Powerhouse.


Brisbane Powerhouse sees over 700,000 visitors a year with 1250+ performances. They produce some of Queensland and Australia’s largest events, including Brisbane Comedy Festival, Australian Performing Arts Market, World Theatre Festival, Queensland Cabaret Festival, MELT Queer Cultural Festival, Wonderland and Brisbane Queer Film Festival.


Frank & Mimi. © 2017