While we Flourish
Image by Ben Tupas

First Coat Art & Music Festival returned to Toowoomba for it's fourth year in 2017. This homegrown Australian festival extends on its live mural painting spectacles of previous years, targeting key infrastructure in prominent CBD locations, alongside the laneway transformations hidden throughout the heart of the city. Driven by a small team of artists and advocates for change in a regional Australia, First Coat platforms the possibilities of collaboration, highlighting Toowoomba’s rich cultural environment and it’s supporters. This community based event is transforming the regional city of Toowoomba into one of Australia’s largest outdoor galleries.


Our 2016 artwork "While we FLOURISH", speaks to the nature of the progression of the human species. The now extinct Paradise Parrot once flourished in the Darling Downs region, though eventually suffered from the effects of industrial farming practices and is a local reminder of a much broader industrial impact. The lush fresh produce tells the ubiquitous modern narrative of opulence and abundance we have come to expect but cannot maintain. While we flourish, our world hurts.

Frank & Mimi. © 2017