Our artwork 'Other Shores' for Queensland Rail's 'Pillars Project' emulates the myth of the siren - the psyche’s deadlist anima aspect, luring the ego overboard, pulling consciousness off course, obliterating the memory and means of getting to where one needs to be.

In response to locality, the Brisbane river is represented as an oversized brush stroke as both the alluring shore on which the siren sits, and the path between the mainland and the ocean - the connector between self and greater collective consciousness. “The earth's rivers have forever been the abode of immortals who have offered the many gifts of living fish, clay, fertile soil, and flood cycles, as well as the gifts of purity, cleansing, grace, and a mythic passage to the other shores.” (Carl Jung) From this particular mythic shore, the siren offers a message of warning for the future of our Queensland oceans, and the collective consciousness listens.

Frank & Mimi. © 2017